Sunheri Policy

Unique and innovative insurance product is the Sunheri Policy for the completion of your wishes; it’s flexible and secure to challenge inflation economically. Along with a particular plan, it involves the 3rd policy year onward and sums insured within this policy. Right about it, you may have 6% increase premium as per annum without including any evidence of insurability. By the 3rd policy onward you as the policyholder have the statement to show the build-up of the cash importance of the system plus sum insured of the year.  For the better value, this plan includes the addition of the State Life. While at present the bonus rate is Rs 105 per thousand as per annum of the attuned opening of cash value.  To be with more extras, you merely lay hand here for the useful supplementary covers that can boost up the coverage using this plan.

Death benefit

In case if the life insured die while starting two years of the policy issue, the initial principal insured sum is payable. If the life insured expires in 3rd or afterwards policy years, the death benefit will be for you. It includes the insured money equivalent to the policy year of death as well as allocated cash value.

Maturity Benefit:

The policy matures on policy anniversary close to the 70 years of the life insured. Its maturity benefits are equal to the cash value of the 70 years of the policy.

Indeed this plan is handy for individuals who are at the beginning phase of the career and want to increase the income over a particular time almost 1-2 years.  The rise in premium and sum insured help you to fulfill the enhanced insurance needs with growing revenue. You may click here to know the calculation of the premium for this plan.

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