Muhafaz Plus Assurance

To get an adequate amount of money on maturity as well as earlier to death of the life insured Muhafaz plus Assurance is very useful. At maturity, you as the policyholder will receive the insured sum and bonuses attached to this policy.

In a particular, situation, when the life insured die just before the closing of a term policy, the necessary, insured sum along with attached bonuses has to pay the dependent straight away. If the accidental death happens, the 2x insured amount is the right of dependents, and the company will pay. To add the dependants have to pay 240 Rs per thousand insured sum per annum for the fixed period of 15 years. The primary payment will be due on the policy anniversary quickly just after the life insured. For the additional cover, detail clicks the following link here. Also for the calculation of the premium within this plan straightforwardly touch here.

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