Jeevan Saathi Assurance

It’s a mutual plan that covers the life of both partners (husband & wife). However its premium is payable till the closing of the special term, even you can pay it earlier or till death of the one of the insured person. Overall this plan is full of many benefits, but first of all, you need to sure about the eligible ages.

Entitled ages:-

Least Age: 20 years

Utmost Age: 50 years

Comparable Age (Maximum) on Maturity: 70 years

Tolerable Riders:  you need to click here for supplementary covers which are valuable for you according to this plan.

The survivor will get the payment after the death of the first life. Next premium will put aside, but the insurance protection will continue for the second life. Instead, the policy keeps going on in profits of the corporation. While at the death of the second life, you will have the benefit of having insured sum plus attaching bonuses. At the end of the second life, the policy will finish too.

In the survival of the second life either he or she is responsible for paying insured sum along with bonuses no matter the masked figure has settled on the death of the first life. Luckily if both of the lives survive the policy term, the sum will ensure mutually to them one time along with attached bonuses. Again you may enjoy the better coverage of the policy utilizing the different supplementary covers.  Lay hand here to know about the extra blankets.

To be exact, this plan is for the married couple that loves to have the insurance coverage with lower premium relatively. Similarly, the housewives who are not insurable also enjoy the advantages of this flexible plan.

Just click here for the exact estimation of your premium under this plan.

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